A Divine Dish is this year providing a Christmas menu… delivered. This will remove all the stress of planning, shopping and cooking for Christmas day so you can relax and enjoy a fuss free Christmas and feast on Divine goodness.

This package is the perfect solution for corporate end of year functions as well as a stress free DIVINE Christmas dinner.

I will be delivering these packages on the 23rd December for Christmas day complete with a detailed run sheet for perfect execution of a DIVINE Christmas feast. All food will be prepared ready to serve with the exception of the lamb which will need to be slow cooked as it comes and the baby potatoes which will need to be boiled for 20 minutes prior to serving. Orders will be closing Monday December 18th

Click below to view the menu

A Divine Christmas delivered 2017

To order please email Jo at … orders@adivinedish.co.nz

Orders must be increments of two. Delivery charge is not included.

3 thoughts on “a DIVINE CHRISTMAS MENU – delivered

    1. Hi Dianne, This year I will be providing Christmas platters delivered rather than a Christmas meal delivered. All items will be packaged individually to maintain freshness and give customers flexibility on when they dine on this, Prices are still to be confirmed – they will be out in the last week of October. They will be delivered Monday 23rd December and maybe some on the Friday prior for those needing them earlier, I hope this helps you, regards Jo

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