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Divine update regarding the ready made meals

Unfortunately in our current environment, due to the rising food costs, I have decided to make some changes that will be more in line with where I am wanting to take a Divine Dish.
Since COVID I have not wanted to face reality in regards to the increased food costs and have not passed these costs on through the meals. Obviously this is not ideal!

Although I love offering the high-end meals, (at the moment) it is not currently viable to continue in the way I have been with such a broad menu.
From this week forward, I will be temporarily ceasing the individual frozen ready made meals and only providing them within a hamper form.

The Divine deli items will still be available online and this will also give me more time to create some more divine morsels. I will also be keeping the torte and desserts through the Summer months which are fabulous for entertaining.

From the beginning 15 years ago in 2008, the essence of a Divine Dish has always been about quality. I myself still do the shopping and handpick everything when creating the Divine goodness. I select the finest and the freshest provisions and support my local suppliers and farmers. I have been thinking of ways around this, but they all come down to compromising the quality and I am not prepared to do that.
The meals are going to have a much needed rest until everything settles down and food becomes more affordable – and I have hope that it will, but not just yet!

I will be concentrating on the other sides of the business which will enable me to free up some space for creativity.

I will still be offering the following services through

Divine care packages
Divine dinner party delivered
Divine deli morsels for platters and entertaining
Exclusive catering
Divine private chef service

Give me a call when you are wanting to entertain and I will save your day.
Thank you for your continued support, it is always so appreciated!
Jo X

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