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A minimum of 3 dishes per order is required to place an order. Orders must be placed 72 hours prior to  delivery date. For urgent orders contact orders@adivinedish.co.nz or call Jo 021 0646297

Portion Sizes

Single   – 300g – 375g  Serves one  adult

Double – 550g – 750g  Serves 2 adults or 3 children 

Family  – 1.200kg   Serves 2 adults and 2 children

Salads and desserts serve more – see details in products.

Due to the nature of this business, on occasion we need to substitute a dish due to unforseen circumstances and cost fluctuations. In the rare event  of this, you will always be contacted directly.

Deluxe Gift box of Divine goodness

Each DIVINE box contains the following

Divine red capsicum marmalade – tangy, sweet and peppery, a perfect condiment to accompany meat, chicken or salmon – 160g GF/DF

Black sesame and fennel lavosh – delicious bundles of crispy goodness perfect for dipping – 100g DF

Arrowtown crab apple jelly – Liquid gold! This is the most exceptional condiment I have ever created in the Divine kitchen, spiced, sticky and sweet. Amazing with cheese, pork and straight from the jar! 160g GF/DF

Divine sticky fig and apricot – loaded with delicious spices, this reduction is a show stopper with fine cheese – 160g GF/DF

Divine fragrant baked olives – slow baked in fresh herbs, spices and mild chilli, delicious over a salad – 160g GF/DF

Divine panforte – Italian style Christmas cake loaded with hazelnuts, figs, oranges, chocolate and spices. A delicious slice of Christmas served with coffee or port.  – 120g bar DF

Divinely hot nuts – roasted peanuts smothered in a golden spiced chilli toffee, highly addictive and impossible to stop devouring – 175g GF/DF

Divine raspberry and pistachio biscotti – a thin biscuit infused with lemons, raspberry and pistachio and baked until crispy, perfect served with icecream or strong coffee – 6 pack, DF

Divine beef, kumara and coconut curry with tamarind & lime leaves

Southern grazed beef and red kumara are slow cooked in complex toasted spices, coconut, lemongrass, lime leaves and tamarind to create this flavour bomb of a curry. GF/DF

Southern Monkfish and leek pie

The freshest deep sea monkfish is smothered in a delicious creamy sauce of leeks, carrots, spinach, herbs, capers & lemons. Topped with a light whipped mash and finished with parmesan cheese GF  

Smokey lamb and chorizo meatballs

The finest southern grazed lamb, spicy chorizo, oregano and mild chilli meatballs are simmered in a delicious Spanish tomato sauce loaded with vegetables, smokey paprika & fresh herbs GF/DF 

Carvery ham, chive & cheddar pasta bake

A hit with the kiddies big and smallCreamy cheesy pasta and ham off the bone deliciously smothered in buttery breadcrumbs and ready to bake to perfection

Divine chicken, rocket and three cheese lasagne

Fresh chicken is simmered until tender in a harvest tomato sauce loaded with vegetables and fresh herbs. Layered between fresh pasta, rocket pesto and a decadent cheese sauce. Finished with parmesan and mozzarella and ready to bake until golden. Delicious served with hot and crusty European ciabatta

Divine Cauliflower rice with hazelnuts, lemon, thyme & haloumi

A fresh and zesty grain free risotto that is delicious served with beef curry or grilled haloumi.

Cauliflower sauteed in garlic, roasted hazelnuts, lemons, thyme & parmesan tossed with fresh rocket. GF/V

Divine Dijon, rosemary and garlic duck fat smashed potatoes

Baby gourmet potatoes are cooked until tender then smashed with rosemary, garlic and Dijon. Ready to bake until golden and crispy  GF /DF  

Divine Mojito cheesecake of lemon, lime and mint with raspberry compote

A Divine favourite and inspired by a delicious summers cocktail. Zesty lemons, limes and fresh mint velvety filling compliment a crispy ginger base. Served with raspberry compoteUtterly delicious!

European ciabatta – Ready to bake

Delicious Europen ciabatta created from the European bakery is par baked allowing you to cook when you feel the need to have the delicious smells of hot fresh bread wafting through your kitchen DF/V

Baked Mediterranean spread

This decadent baked dip is loaded with delicious Mediterranean flavours of kalamata olives, artichokes and parmesan cheese. This will be the most popular addition to your pre dinner nibbles.  Delivered ready to bake and DIVINE served with hot crusty ciabatta! GF/V – one portion serves 4 – 6

DIVINE dark chocolate heaven bites

Decadent morsels of DIVINE goodness for the serious chocolate lover. These handmade chocolates are the perfect little gift or after dinner treat. GF

Divine Riverton Heritage Crab apple reduction

Sticky, tart and flavoursome apple reduction. Heritage crab apples foraged from Riverton, and infused with subtle spices and cooked a little further to create this sensational condiment. Serve with fine cheese, drizzle over ice cream or baste over a slow cooked pork belly, either way it is utterly delicious! GF/DF/V

Black sesame and fennel lavosh crispbreads

Delicious bundles of crispy goodness. These crispbreads are baked to perfection with olive oil & seasalt and ready to dip into your favourite condiment. There is something so good about snacking on homemade crackers, made from scratch with no preservatives or additives. Bundle of 20, DF/V


Spicy, sweet, crunchy and salty peanuts that are highly addictive! Roasted peanuts covered in toffee with a good kick of chilli and spice. These wee bags of spicy goodness make a fantastic little fiery gift. GF/DF/V

175g bag

Moroccan pumpkin, walnut & dukkah loaf

A deliciously nourishing dairy and gluten free bread. Rich spiced pumpkin, walnuts, almonds and date create this low carb loaf,  finished with a scattering in dukkah and baked to perfection. A great breakfast with fresh avocado!

Divine Fragrant baked olives

Kalamata olives slowly cooked and infused in fresh herbs, spices, lemons, garlic and chilli. Ridiculously delicious on a graze, tossed through a warm roasted vegetable salad or eaten straight from the jar.


Divine Panforte – hazelnut, orange and fig

DIVINE Italian style Christmas goodness to eat all year round! This dense cake is loaded with roasted hazelnuts, almonds, orange, figs, spices and dark chocolate. This is the perfect after dinner treat or coffee morsel.

125g – store in airtight container