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The DIVINE secret is in the Quality product

I am often asked by clients what I do to the food to make it taste so DIVINE? To be honest it is simple, 90% of the DIVINE factor is the product quality. Not only is everything created from scratch, I still hand select each and every provision I cook with. This takes time every day but is worth every minute and this is always evident in the taste and quality of the final product. The other 10% is Divine magic!

Today I had the pleasure of cooking for the Sanford Limited CEO Volker Kuntzsch & Big Glory Bay Salmon Farm Manager Jaco Swart. They gave an update on their exciting plans for sustainably farming more Salmon in the bay without using more water space. These plans will bring another 80+ jobs to the region! What a fantastic, innovative company who truly care about their people.

The Salmon and mussels came direct from the sea beds to the DIVINE kitchen within hours. The most exceptional Wet Jacket 2017 Pinot Gris was carefully collected from Queenstown yesterday to compliment the mussels so they could cook to perfection. The finest produce was selected and delicious herbs were growing an hour prior to lunch being served. This all come together to showcase Sanfords excellent products for their special guests the representatives from the Southland Chamber of Commerce board, the Export Southland Committee, Southland Manufacturer’s Trust and Mayor Gary Tong.

Did you know Sanfords Salmon is the only antibiotic free salmon on the market? A good reminder to double check what we are feeding our bodies!

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